What is this?

This map highlights the unique, important, mundane, and quirky character of the Uptown neighborhood. Click the icons for a thumbnail image or a sound clip. Some points lead to more information. The map contains several themes - if you are interested in architecture, art, trees/nature there are plenty of sites for you to construct your own walking tour of the neighborhood. Of course, you can put together a walk or bike ride in any way you like. The map acts as a guide for you to discover some of the lesser known features (as well as the well-known ones) of Uptown. Then get out and do it!

Who should use this?

Anyone can use it. But it is especially created for teachers and educators, historians and history buffs, artists and art appreciators, walkers and cyclists, and anyone else interested in exploring the city as a classroom, art exhibit, playground, or recreation space.

Hey you missed a spot! Can I add it?

Yes! Send a picture and address (or latitude and longitude) to uptownwalks@gmail.com and we'll add it to the map. Your contribution should fit in with a map theme. Urban fossils, pieces of art (permanent, intentional, accidental, or fading), sites of local renown, historic photographs or images of places already on the map, are all good examples. Please no commercial sites for their own sake (unless, of course, they fit one of the categories listed). We'd be jazzed to get your short (less than 10 seconds) sound recordings too! Contact us for details on how to do this. We are also open to new themes if you have several examples - let us know.

I submitted a site weeks ago and it still isn't up. What's taking so long?

Please be patient. This is not our day job. We can only devote a limited amount of time to keeping everything running. We'll get to it!