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When Trump golf club closed for good: The story of a fading institution

By Tom GrieveA week after it closed, the Trump International Golf Club closed its doors.

The club’s last day was December 9, 2019, and its owners, David Geffen and John Paulson, had hoped to see it succeed.

Gemma Foslien-Smith, who played on the course with the golfers who made up the club’s staff, described it as “a great place to be and a great place for me to play.”

Gemmas family had visited the course from New York, where they owned the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino.

In December 2016, the two men told her they had sold the property.

Foslienss husband, Mark, said the property was “very close to where I grew up.”

Mark Geffen, who has since retired, was a key architect of the golf course’s development and was instrumental in the redevelopment of the property into a luxury hotel and casino.

He was also a major donor to the course’s developers, including Trump.

In October of this year, the property’s owners filed a $100 million lawsuit against Trump and his business associates.

The lawsuit seeks to recover more than $3 billion in damages.

According to the lawsuit, Geffen told The Associated Press he was confident the property would be sold because the property had a “lot of money to be made.”

But the lawsuit says that “Gemmets confidence” is not the same as a commitment to a sale.

In a statement, Geffes lawyers said he was unaware of any plans to sell the property at the time of the lawsuit.

Germans lawyers did not immediately return a request for comment.

The lawsuit also says that the property “was not sold for any substantial consideration, nor were there any substantial indications that a sale was forthcoming at the present time.”

According to a press release, the lawsuit also accuses Trump of failing to “fully disclose his financial interests in the golf club and to disclose the financial status of his business interests and the golf courses owned by the Trump Organization.”

The golf course, which opened in 1977 and had its first major championship in 1993, closed its gates in 2018 after about 200 years in business.

Trump was not on the governing board of the course.