Which clubs pay the most to their players?

The latest Football Association figures show that clubs pay £24.5m to players to play a full season, which equates to a £8.2m salary per player, or £18.4m per season.

The figures are based on the current salary cap, which means that, if the wage bill is adjusted to account for inflation, the total would be £30m.

There are many clubs, including Manchester United, who pay more than £30 million per season to their top players.

Some of these players also earn big money from sponsorship, TV rights and other forms of income.

The FA has a salary cap of £75,000 for clubs to sign players from within the Premier League, Championship, Super League and Championship.

The amount paid per player is calculated based on how many Premier League players are playing for clubs in the top divisions.

This means that the total amount is around £5m.

For each of the top 10 clubs, the maximum amount they can pay is around the £6.5 million figure.

The clubs in charge of the most expensive players are Liverpool and Manchester United.

The Reds paid Liverpool’s record signing Luis Suarez £100m last summer, while Manchester United paid £50m to Monaco’s Angel Di Maria, who will be their highest paid player this season.

These are the biggest-ever payments made by a single club to a player in the history of English football.

Other big-spending clubs include Everton, Tottenham, Arsenal, Arsenal and Chelsea.

Manchester City paid £100.4 million to Alexis Sanchez last summer.

The club also paid £20m to Fernando Torres last year.

The £50.7m Manchester United fee for Raheem Sterling was the biggest ever paid by a British football club.

This fee was paid to the 27-year-old from Liverpool for the right to leave Manchester City.

The other highest paid was £30.3m to Barcelona’s Neymar for the release of Messi.