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Mother Goose Club to Open in Boston

The new Mother Goose club in Boston is slated to open in mid-October, with an opening date set for Nov. 30, according to the restaurant chain.

The chain’s parent company, Cerberus Capital, has acquired the chain for $1.2 billion.

Cerberus has partnered with restaurant-industry veterans for its acquisition of the Boston restaurant.

The restaurant group also owns the Boston Herald and the Boston Globe.

The new Mother, Goose Club is expected to open with “modern and contemporary cuisine,” according to a release.

The club will be located in a large brick-and-mortar space in a former Boston hotel.

Citrus is a food-delivery company based in Portland, Oregon, that offers delivery service to local restaurants and has plans to expand its reach in Boston.

The company has been trying to expand into Boston for several years, but there are no details yet about how it plans to do so.

Cirque du Soleil, a Paris-based troupe, has been in Boston for the past two decades, and has performed at the Boston Red Sox ballpark and Fenway Park.