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Why you should watch Netflix’s new streaming service on Roku 3 and Roku 4: The best deals

You don’t have to use your Roku 3 or Roku 4 to stream Netflix content.

You can use it to watch it on Roku 4.

The new streaming-media device from Netflix, Roku and Amazon now comes with the Roku app, allowing you to stream video, music, movies and more.

But while Roku 3 owners can stream Netflix on Roku, Roku 4 owners can only stream on the new streaming device.

And the best deal Roku 3 users can get is to pay $39.99 for the new Roku 4, which comes with Netflix’s video-streaming app.

That’s because you can stream video on Roku on the Roku 4 at no extra cost.

The Roku 4 also offers access to the Netflix catalog for $5.99 per month, and it can access the same catalog on the Apple TV.

The $39-per-month price tag is the same as on the original Roku 3, which launched last month.

However, Netflix said the new price was “based on the fact that the Roku 3 is the best value to pay for video on a streaming device.”

That’s in line with its $45-per year price tag for the original Apple TV, which is currently on sale for $149.99.

So if you’re looking for a good deal on a new Roku 3 for your home entertainment system, check out our review of the $149-per month Apple TV from earlier this year.

The streaming-device business is a relatively new one for Roku, and the company has been trying to grow its presence in the home entertainment market for years.

For instance, Roku 3 was introduced back in 2011 with the $129 Roku 3+ and later the $179 Roku 3 Pro.

But its biggest hit was the Roku 2, which debuted in 2016 with the top-end Roku TV.

While Roku 3 has been gaining ground with the streaming-devices market for a while now, Netflix is looking to catch up.

The company has just released the new $59 Roku 4 and $69 Roku 4+ in a bid to catch Roku’s attention and bolster its business with its other products.

And if you want to start watching Netflix on your Roku 4 today, you can do so at no additional cost.

Just be sure to check out the Roku channel in your Roku TV settings.

Roku TV is also getting new features for 2017.

Roku’s video app, Roku Channel, is getting a few new features that will let you stream content in the comfort of your living room.

Additionally, the Roku Channel will be available on Roku TVs in countries where it’s legal to stream streaming content, including Mexico, Japan, South Korea, India and China.

The subscription-based Roku Channel is available to new Roku users starting this month.

The Roku Channel for existing Roku users is also available in the US and Canada.

Rokr-owned and operated media giant Netflix has also added a few additional features for Roku users in 2017.

You can watch Netflix on the Google Play Movies & TV app in 2017, which will be updated with a free app update.

The Netflix app for Android, Roku TV and Apple TV will also have new content, which means you can access content from Netflix and other Netflix services on Roku.

And you can watch videos and music on the Netflix mobile app, which launches on July 10.

The next version of the Netflix app will also be available to download on Roku’s new Chromecast devices, which are set to be released later this year with a larger screen and more powerful processors.

If you are a Roku TV owner and are looking for some additional entertainment options, check back with Ars Technica for our guide to the best video streaming devices for 2017