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The beard club has finally become a thing!

Sam’s Club pickup – a bar in Edinburgh, Scotland – has officially become a bar for men, and now boasts a beard bar for customers to meet new friends.

The bar will also have its own bar and grill in addition to its own beard bar.

The bar has been around since 2005, when Sam’s founder Paul Ritchie first opened it.

It opened its doors to the public at a pub called the Cauldron in the town of Grafton in Edinburgh.

In 2008, the club was taken over by the Sams brothers, who started a new bar on the premises.

Sam’s has a staff of more than 100 and is also known for its popular pub crawl, where patrons can get a beer and a bite to eat, while the Sam brothers run the bar.

Sam’s is owned by a group of men who have been running the club for over a decade, and Sam’s is currently in the process of buying a second building in the city.

The beard club is also taking over another pub, The Beard Room, in the nearby city of Dundee.

Sam’s was founded by Paul Rinson, the Scottish writer, director of the National Theatre and a member of the British Beard and Moustache Association.