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UK to ban sex clubs from state-run childcare scheme

England will ban sex-based entertainment and childcare providers from participating in the state childcare scheme starting on Monday, a move which could spark controversy in some conservative communities.

In a move that could stir debate about the future of England’s national childcare scheme, the government said the new legislation would outlaw sex-linked clubs and venues, including in public spaces, from childcare providers.

It is one of the first times that a British state has banned sex-related activity, and could prompt a debate about whether the country’s childcare system is working properly.

The move comes as Britain prepares to launch a new childcare system in the coming months, which will offer parents and families childcare for the first time.

The legislation will be phased in over three years and the government has promised that children will not be left in the lurch to providers who are not fit for purpose.

The ban will apply to all providers, including private and state-owned companies.

It will apply across England, including schools, nurseries, community centres, care homes, health care, and social housing.

The new childcare scheme will start in April and will include a “no sex clubs” policy.

The UK’s government is taking aim at sex clubs after an undercover investigation revealed that some clubs in England had been recruiting underage girls to work as prostitutes.

The scandal led to a ban on the practice, which has since been reversed.

The Government said it would take the issue to court.

The proposed ban will come into effect on July 1, the first day of the national childcare system launch.