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Aisha Williams wins a rare World Series title with win over the Philippines

FourFourSeconds ago, Australia’s best hopes of winning the World Series were dashed when they were handed a devastating defeat by the Philippines.

The win over a resurgent Philippines squad saw Aisha win her fourth gold medal of her career and her first since the 2018 World Cup.

“It’s great to get back and win gold again,” Aisha said.

“I was really happy with the result and the way the team played.

It was a really good experience for me.”

The Australians’ hopes of taking the next step in their World Series hopes have been dashed in a crushing defeat in a game that could decide the fate of the team.

The Philippine squad will face Australia again on Tuesday in Manila.

The team had been on a run of form, with the likes of Sika, Yusra and Anas Al-Khayati all scoring tries.

But Aisha’s performance was a breath of fresh air for the team, who were coming off a disappointing 6-0 loss to England in the opening round of the World Cup in September.

“We played really well today, we didn’t do anything wrong,” captain Yusra said.

“We’re a very strong team and we want to be even stronger next year.”

Aisha Williams and her partner, Tanya Golan, celebrate after scoring the opening try for Australia against the Philippines at the 2018 Sydney Cricket Ground.

Aisha won the gold medal for Australia at the Rio Olympics in 2016 and became the first woman to win gold in all three sports at a World Series.

After the match, Williams said: “It was a very good result and it’s great for our team, especially the girls.”

That was our first World Series medal.

“We have a great squad, we have the best players and we’re ready for the next World Series.”

Williams won the first gold medal at the Sydney Olympics in 2020 after winning silver at the 2020 Sydney Olympics.

She has won seven gold medals in her career, with three golds and a bronze.

The 29-year-old also won her first World Cup medal in 2016.

She was named the Australian Women’s Player of the Year, which she said was the hardest thing she had to do in the game.

“Being recognised by all the girls for what I’ve done, I think I deserve it,” Williams said.