Man who used sex club as cover to buy $200K home is ‘100% clean’

A man who allegedly used a sex club in San Francisco to buy a $200,000 home has “100% cleaned up” and is “100%” clean, authorities said Friday.

Sam and Ann Ocean, a couple with four children, used the upscale Beverly Hills house for about six years.

They rented it out to various friends and family members, including their sons, who lived in the house at the time, according to authorities.

They also rented out the back of the house to some friends and their families.

They used the house for other events, including weddings and family gatherings.

They sold the home in 2015 for $1.9 million, but the property has not been occupied since.

The Oceans’ son, Matt, is serving time in prison for selling heroin.

The family moved to the U.S. from Cuba in 1995 and Matt and his mother were living in Santa Barbara at the start of the new year, authorities told The Associated Press.

Matt Ocean, 23, was arrested in October after police say he and his girlfriend took a bus into San Francisco.

He was taken to San Quentin state prison.

Authorities allege he sold heroin to undercover officers.

They were never charged.

The Oceans have a 6-month-old son, who is named Sam, and are divorced.

They are divorced and Matt’s wife, Lisa, is also in prison.