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Club in ‘black hole’ of gas in southern New South Wales, says WA Labor candidate

A new social club has been created in the heart of New South Australia’s gas-drenched inner-west, with an owner who said his club was the first in the state to operate with a ‘black box’ gas meter.

Sam’s Club has also said it is looking to expand in other parts of the state, with the club in the northern town of Lismore having a ‘zero emissions’ policy.

The club, in a quiet residential area in Lismores North, has been operating since 2015, with gas being used to heat the club rooms and the club’s dining area.

“We’re a little bit of a novelty, but I think it’s really cool,” Sam’s Club founder and CEO, Rob Wilson, said.

“I think it does really help to keep people going to the bar and that kind of thing.”

Mr Wilson said it was the only club in New South to have its own black box meter, and that was the reason it had become the first club in South Australia to be certified as zero emissions.

“It’s been a very unique experience,” he said.”[We] had a black box, so you could actually get in and out of your club, because you didn’t have to use the gas.”

Our policy is to be 100 per cent green.

“Mr Ryan, the club chair, said it had been operating in the area for more than three years.”

The first club I ever came to was at the LismORE gas station, and it was really fun and a great way to hang out,” he told ABC Radio Perth.”

And then the next club I came to and I really enjoyed it, I mean the atmosphere was really great and I just liked being out there.

“He said he had been planning to open the club for a few years.

The owners’ club is one of two new social clubs created in NSW by the Gas Safety Coalition.

Mr Wilson, who is a former member of the NSW government’s gas safety advisory committee, said he hoped to expand the club further into other parts in the region.”

If we can get to other places and maybe even have other clubs in different areas, then that’s great,” he explained.”

But at the moment it’s just about what I can do in my garage.

“Mr Sam’s Clubs policy, which has become a benchmark for other clubs across the state and beyond, is that all of its rooms must be “zero emissions”.”

All the gas goes into the gas tank, but there’s a little piece of paper with the gas on it that says that the club does not use gas,” Mr Wilson said.

Gas is used to warm the clubrooms and the dining area, and gas can also be used to power the clubroom’s lights.

The owner of Sam’s, Rob Ryan, said the club had been the first to operate without gas in its clubrooms.”

There’s been lots of clubs that have started out and had problems with gas, but it’s all been done on a gas-free basis,” Mr Ryan said.

He said his clubs policy would be reviewed after a new gas-based facility opened in his area, which is expected to be finished this year.

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