How to watch the NFL without spending thousands of dollars

NFL Network and its partners partner the NFL have teamed up to offer a discount for those willing to ditch their cable TV and/or satellite subscription for a weekend at a local rooftop club.

Sam’s Club in downtown Dallas has been providing this type of discount since it opened in 2011, but this time around, the deal is only available at its downtown Dallas location.

The deal, which is valid until Jan. 12, gives Sam’s Club the opportunity to offer discounted admission prices to a large number of its events, including Sam’s and Big Daddy’s, for an entire weekend.

The discount applies to Sam’s Clubs in all of Dallas and Fort Worth, as well as the Sam’s club in El Paso, Texas.

The discount applies only to Sams Club locations, which include the following venues:Sam’s club, Big Daddys, El Paso Sams club, Sams Bar and Grill, Sam’s Pub, Sam Sip and more.

In addition, the discount also applies to the following events:The and deals are valid through Jan. 8, but if you’re looking to skip the TV, the price will be reduced from $19 to $10 in Dallas and $7 to $5 in Fort Worth.

The Sam’ deal is valid through Feb. 3, but the discount will only be available for Sams clubs in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.