Club keno: Mile high club is coming to Calgary

Club kenos are coming to the Calgary area, and the owner of the chain says it’s going to be a big hit.

Keno Club Keno opened its first Calgary location in August 2016 and now has more than 400 locations nationwide.

Owner Paul Kwon said the Calgary location will be the largest and most popular in Calgary.

He said his goal is to get the club going by the end of the year and open up another 100 locations in other cities in the coming years.

Kwon said he’s always had an affinity for keno clubs, and he started his business with a friend of his, a woman named Jennifer.

“When we met, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I would love to come here and work with you,'” he said.

The first Club Kenos were initially held in Japan and were often sold out.

Now, the chain has plans to expand across the country, including the United States, Canada and the UK.

“We’re going to have locations in every city,” Kwon told the Calgary Eyeopener last year.

“The biggest problem is that we can’t get the people to come to the clubs.

They have to work at other places.”

Kwon, who has four other clubs in the United Kingdom, has also opened a Canadian club called Club KENO.

He’s also opening up a second Calgary location, which will have about 100 members and has already received a few hundred deposits.

“It’s not really a club,” he said of the Calgary club.

“This is a really great club for people to gather and have fun.”

Keno has about 600 members, and they are going to try to reach out to people who have already signed up.

“They want to come,” he added.

“I’ve had some very positive feedback from people.”

Konos are an acronym for kendo, or martial arts, and keno is Korean for “mixed martial arts.”

“They’re just a group of people who enjoy kenpo,” said Kwon, referring to the kenpon fighting style.

He also said he was excited to see the growth of keno and how much more keno people are getting into the sport.

“Keno is a martial art.

It’s not like a karate fight,” he explained.”

You can do all sorts of stuff, but ken po is the martial art where you fight using your ken.”

Kwan has opened about a dozen clubs across Canada, and has plans for a total of 1,000 keno in Calgary, including a few more in the US.

“There’s about a million people that go to keno festivals every year,” he told the Eyeopenthe Calgary Eyeopyener.

“That’s going up every year.”

Kena is a Canadian-owned brand of Japanese food and beverage.

It was created in 1997 and is owned by Kwon.

“My daughter is Japanese and she’s like, I wanna come to a keno club,” Kwan said.

Ken is a great way to meet people, Kwon explained.

“They’ll ask you questions.

You can ask them about ken, or they can come and hang out with you.”