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How to use a camera app with a Mac, iPhone and iPad

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a post on the Mac app development forum that asked users to create a Mac app using only their iPhone. 

The question was simple enough: how to create an app that works with an iOS device? 

But what if you’re not sure how to use an app from Apple? 

It turns out that creating an iOS app with Mac tools is pretty easy. 

First, download the appropriate Mac version of Xcode (it’s the same one you get on the Apple Developer Program). 

Next, download a copy of CocoaPods. 

Then, install Cocoa and create a new app in Xcode. 

Once you’re done, create a file called project/ios/app.xcworkspace.d/ios-app.xcodeproj. 

Add a single line of code to your app’s build.xcworkpace file: add-ons { target-directory = “ios/os-app” } Then, add the file to your Mac’s Homebrew app repository: brew tap kyro/macos-macos source code /home/ko/projects/ios_app.git