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Kitty poo Club members sue for $100,000 over alleged theft

SANTA FE, New Mexico (Reuters) – Kitty poos in the Santa Fe city of Santa Fe are back in the news after a court ordered the owners of the beloved pets to pay $100 and keep them at a private home for a year.

Kitty poos were banned after an owner said they were causing a health crisis in the town, where cats and dogs are banned from the public.

A jury ruled in February that the owner of the Catfish Paws Kitty Poos was negligent for not keeping them in the proper facility, and ordered the owner to keep the pets at the Catfishing Club, where they were kept until May 2018.

The owners of Catfish said they would appeal the decision.

The owners had been in the United States for the first time since they returned home in 2016 after a year in jail for possession of poo in a country that doesn’t allow dogs or cats.