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“Smile Direct Club” – A look at the club background

“Smiles Direct” is a New York City-based golf club that’s been in operation since 2007 and offers a range of club activities for both men and women.

As of late 2016, the club had more than 9,000 members, and was rated one of the top 25 clubs in New York by Golf Digest.

“We have a great community and we have a fabulous membership,” club founder Sam Mastros said.

“You have the ability to be part of a whole community, and I think it’s something that really brings people together.”

Mastros, a New Yorker, has been working at the golf club since 2007.

Mastros was inspired to start Smile Direct after reading about how golfers often felt ostracized at the hands of other golfers.

He says golfers were often bullied and treated like “fools.”

“It was really disheartening for a lot of golfers who had a good time with their buddies, who were having fun,” he said.

He decided to try to change that, so he founded Smile Direct in 2015.

“I decided that I needed to change the culture,” Mastros explained.

“For a lot [of] golfers, there’s this attitude of being treated like a fool, a moron.”

While golf is the ultimate sport, Mastros believes it’s important to be able to enjoy it as a social activity.

“It’s about the camaraderie and the camperviness of being a golfer,” he explained.

When you’re having fun, it’s hard to put your ego aside and enjoy yourself, Mastro said.

Mastro, a member of the American Conservatory of Guitar, said that his experience working with golfers at Smile Direct led him to start creating golf clubs in the city.

“There are a lot more golf clubs around the world than there are golf courses,” Mastro explained.

The club’s “Smokes” website is designed to provide “a way for golfers to be out and about,” with golf courses, golf courses of all shapes and sizes, and golf clubs of all sizes being represented.

The golf club has a range that includes tournaments, clubs that are closed for the season, and more.

“The club has more golf courses than there is room for them,” Mastry said.

One of the golf clubs that Mastros founded was called “The Club of the Century.”

“There’s nothing better than having a golf club,” he told Golf Digest of the experience.

“They really are a great thing to have in the community.”