Ashley Judd’s daughter wins first $1 million prize in beauty pageant

Ashley Judd was named the winner of the 2017 Winx Club Beauty Pageant, which was held at the Palm Beach International Airport in Florida.

The win was the first ever for a female beauty pageant winner and the second for an American in the category.

The first female winner was Marissa Meyer from Florida.

The win was worth $1.1 million and the $1,000,000 grand prize was a $25,000 trip to the Miss Universe Organization’s annual beauty and beauty-related awards.

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Beast, Judd said that she had to take a break from her modeling career in order to focus on her new book, which she hopes will inspire women to pursue their dreams in beauty.

Judd said that, when she won, she was “absolutely shocked” and “disappointed” with the amount of backlash she had received for her participation.

She said that her decision to do the contest was not influenced by money, but because she was a mother and wanted to show her daughter that there was still hope and opportunity.

“I want to inspire people to have confidence in their own abilities and their own talents and the world needs more of them, and I’m just a mother,” Judd said.

“It’s a huge honor and it’s so humbling and I love it and it makes me really proud and honored.”

Judd has a strong record of winning in the beauty industry, having been crowned Miss Florida in 2013.

Her father, actor Jim Baddiel, won the Miss USA pageant in 1997 and 2007.

Judd has also been on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine in the past.

“The beauty industry is so much about acceptance and love and giving back to the community, and to me, I really love that and I really want to see it continue,” Judd told The Daily Beat.

“I want people to feel like they can have it all and that’s what I want.

That’s what’s been the driving force for me.

And I’m really excited about this and I feel like it’s going to be really, really good for my career and it will really help me to make my mark.”

Jenna Judd has already secured a modeling contract with the model-driven company and said that it’s not her intention to go into the modeling business.

“We’re not looking to go back into the beauty business,” Judd, a model for 20 years, told The Beat.

Jenna said that they have a good relationship with the Winx organization and that the company has provided the runway for her to become a successful entrepreneur.

“This is a dream come true for me,” she said.

Jill Seidman, owner of Winx, said that the winning of the beauty pageant is part of a trend of positive change in the industry.

“For me, this is a wonderful day for all of us,” she told The Associated Press.

“We are so lucky to have the kind of women who want to have a positive impact on our lives and help shape our future.

It is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and ambition of all the girls competing and the hardwork and dedication of the Winxs staff to bring us this wonderful event.”

Jill said that while the beauty contest has been an opportunity for Judd and other winners to share their achievements, it was not the only thing that inspired her to pursue her career.

“It was my mom who inspired me to pursue modeling and I think the winx is part and parcel of that,” she added.

“This was something that inspired me and I know it will inspire other girls to follow in her footsteps and take it to the next level.”

The 2017 WinX Club Beauty pageant was held in Palm Beach, Florida, on August 6, 2017.

It was the 10th appearance in the event and the first time that Judd had competed in the contest.