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Sydney strip clubs to open in Melbourne

Sydney strip club owners are set to open their first Australian strip clubs in Melbourne and Brisbane next year.

The Melbourne clubs, which will be known as Melbourne Stars, will open at a stage near the former site of the St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney’s CBD in October.

The clubs are expected to open by the end of next year and will offer a range of different sexual acts including the “strip bar” with its high-end entertainment including live entertainment, strip dances and a “sex party” at the club, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Pro club owners will also be in the market for a new strip club when they can.

The Sydney Strip Bar & Grill is expected to be up and running by the middle of 2018.

There will also still be some other strip clubs opening in Melbourne, including the Brunswick Street strip club and the new West End strip club.

In Brisbane, the City of Brisbane is also expected to build an indoor strip club, called the Blue River Strip Club, which is set to be ready in September.

Pro-sex clubs in Australia are subject to the Australian Classification of Clubs and Activities Regulations.