Reese’s Book Club: Lunch Club Characters (Winx Club)

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When you shop online with Reese, you can read about and purchase books or magazines from Reese through our store.

Reese has created her own book club for the popular series “Chocolatey”, where you can buy the entire book, all in one place.

The book club’s characters are inspired by the chocolatey chocolate-loving characters from the show, and are themed to include a range of chocolatey foods and treats.-How does this relate to the book club characters from “Chocolates”?-How do I sign up for the Reese book club?

Reese has partnered with Winx Club, a non-profit book club based in Seattle, WA, to help us spread the word about her books.

If you like Reese and want to support her, you’ll be able to get your copy of Chocolatey from Winx Clubs store or online at

To get your copies of Chocolateys books, please visit Winx Books, and select your favorite book from Reuse the Books and choose “Reese’s Books.”

Reese also has created a Reuse of Books website, where you’ll find lots of great books that you can download and print and have fun creating.

Reuse book club members can use the Reuse app to search and share books with their friends.

Receive a gift card for Reuse books for a limited time when you sign up to Reuse Reese.

We also have a Reusing Reuse page at where you get to print a book or a gift and send it to your friends.

The Reuse rewards will be mailed to your email address.

If your email is not listed on the Reuses page, you may also email us at [email protected] to find out how to find your email.

For more information about Reuse Books, visit the Re-use Books website.