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Dallas Cowboys vs. Houston Texans: Week 4 picks and predictions

HOUSTON – The Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans have both been swept in the AFC West by the Denver Broncos.

Here’s our week 4 picks for the AFC South and NFC South.


Dallas Cowboys (11-3) @ Houston Texans (9-5) Last Week: 1 OTL win, 9-3 Record: 7-1 Last Five: 2 OTL wins, 2-1 Record: 9-2 2.

Houston Astros (9 – 3) @ Dallas Cowboys, 1:00 p.m.

ET Sunday, NBC, Fox The Texans had a lot of good fortune last week, losing their first three games of the season and beating the Arizona Cardinals in the playoffs.

However, Houston went on a three-game winning streak and beat the Carolina Panthers.

It would be a big blow to the Texans if the win streak ends, as the team has a chance to make a playoff push.

Houston’s next opponent, the Kansas City Chiefs, has been awful for the season, as they lost to the Dallas Cowboys last week.

They’ll likely get a lot more of a boost from this game as the Texans look to bounce back after losing their last two games.


Arizona Cardinals (10-3-1) @ New York Jets, 1 p., ESPN, Fox Arizona will face the New York Giants, who have been in the bottom of the division standings since the start of the year.

The Cardinals have the top record in the NFL heading into this game, but they have played some really bad football.

Arizona is 8-2 and only two games back of the Giants.

The Jets have a chance at winning this game if the Jets can continue to win close games, which they haven’t been able to do. 4.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9 3-4) @ Kansas City Raiders, 1p.m., Fox The Raiders were one of the worst teams in the league last week and have dropped their last five games.

Kansas City will face a very good Raiders team this week, as it will be tough to keep the Chiefs from scoring on them.

This game will likely go to overtime, as Kansas City should be able to pull out the win.


New Orleans Saints (10 3-3, 1-4 AFC South) @ Cincinnati Bengals, 1,054 ESPN, CBS The Bengals are on a six game winning streak, with wins over the Kansas Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens.

They will be looking for their first win of the new year, as that would give them their first victory in a month.


Jacksonville Jaguars (9 2-4, 2.5-1 AFC South, 1 – 1) @ Tennessee Titans, 4 p.s., Fox Tennessee will host the Jacksonville Jaguars, who are currently 7-5.

Tennessee won’t be able do much against the Jaguars this week due to the Titans loss to the Jacksonville Chiefs.


Oakland Raiders (9 4-2) @ Baltimore Ravens, 1.25 p..m, Fox, Fox Oakland will be hosting the Jacksonville Titans, who will be in a tough spot as they will face off against the Tennessee Titans.

The Raiders have had a really bad season.

They’re currently 7th in the NFC West, but are 5th in total offense and 9th in scoring.

The Titans will have to defend well against this team, which has been bad enough to lose to the Raiders.


New York Cowboys (8-3)-5-2-1 @ Houston Chargers, 1pm ET Sunday The Cowboys will face another tough test in this game.

The Texans have been one of those teams that can play in any division, but the Cowboys are on the wrong side of the coin.

The Cowboys are currently 3-8 on the road and have played in just four of their last 12 home games.

The Chargers have won five straight games and have a good chance to win this game this week.


St. Louis Rams (7-6)-3-2 @ Philadelphia Eagles, 1/2 p.i., Fox St. L Louis has been a disaster, as their season has been lost.

They were 3-9 the year before and have lost five of their past six games.

They have a very tough task this week as they face the Eagles in Philadelphia.

The Eagles have been dreadful, going 0-7 in their last six games and will be facing the Rams for the first time since 2010.


Detroit Lions (6-8)[email protected] Miami Dolphins, 4:05 p.g., Fox Detroit is facing the Miami Dolphins for the second straight week.

Miami lost to Detroit last week but has now won five of its last six.

The Dolphins have won four straight games.


Kansas State Wildcats (6 5-1, 1 OTD) @ Arizona Wildcats, 4.5 p.a., ESPN, FOX The Wildcats are currently 10-5 and have won two of their three