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How to dress as a Nordstrom employee

Nordstrom employees have a lot to learn about dressing for their job.

Read More Here’s what you need to know about what is and isn’t acceptable for women to wear at the retail giant.

Nordstrom is currently under fire for the lack of diversity in its senior leadership, with several high-profile women leaving the company to pursue careers outside of retail.

This week, a video showing a white male wearing a Nordschwimmer mask and mask-like clothing went viral after it was shared on social media, sparking outrage and accusations of racism and sexism. 

On Thursday, a woman in a Nordkraft jacket and jeans was photographed walking out of the store wearing the mask, which was also worn by a black man in the video. 

“Nords senior leadership has to step up and get a handle on what’s acceptable to wear in the office and how they’re going to be working with the company, the people that are here,” said Jana Poukhova, a senior editor at the website Bitchologie.

“I’m not saying that the company needs to take steps to make its leadership better, but it’s something that needs to be looked at.

It’s just something that can’t be allowed to continue.”

The video of the black man wearing the Nordschwein masks went viral in the wake of the video, which sparked outrage among the wider community.

In a statement on Wednesday, the company apologized for the video and said it was “deeply embarrassed” for any negative reaction to it.

The company also released a statement Thursday afternoon that read in part: We are deeply sorry for any misunderstanding or concern that was caused by the video of this young man wearing a mask at our store.

The video is a clear violation of Nordstrom’s dress code.

This is the kind of behavior that we don’t condone. 

Poukhov, who also works at the Independent Women’s Forum, said she hoped the apology would help the Nordstrom team “stop the cycle of disrespect.”

“It’s about the power of being an independent woman in the workplace, not having to worry about how other people see you,” she said.

“You can’t expect to get a raise if you don’t dress in the way that others see you.

We’re all going to have to figure out how to get along without this kind of behaviour.

It has to stop.”

While the video is certainly not a perfect example of the sexism that exists within the workplace at Nordstrom, it does highlight the need for the company and its senior leaders to take the issue more seriously, she said, adding that she hoped they would take the matter seriously as well.