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Club Monaco is a stripped down version of Monaco

Club Monacos is a strip club in Monaco, a resort town in the French Riviera.

It’s the kind of place where the locals don’t even know the owner. 

It’s a different world than Monaco’s most famous strip club Bar Monaco, which closed down in 2005.

Club Monaco is now part of the Monaco National Museum, which is part of a wider effort to restore its iconic facade and the surrounding land to its former glory.

The museum also hosts an annual exhibition called ‘Monaco: The Real History of Monaco’, which explores the past, present and future of the famous city.

The project is part of a wider effort by the National Museum to restore Monacolons facade to its original glory, which includes restoring its original bar and restaurants.

The museum also created a monument of the club, which features the original facade, a bar and the historic courtyard where the club is located.

The project is part part of an effort to bring Monacoles past to life.

It was designed by artist Marcelo Benschneider, who was commissioned to recreate the bar, which was created in 1683 by Charles de Maistre, the founder of Monaco.

It features a marble-walled room, an original wall, a fireplace, a wine cellar, a table and a fireplace.

The museum has also installed a replica of the club’s famed courtyard, which sits in the centre of the town, surrounded by a fountain and garden.

The restoration project will cost €1.5 million ($2.8 million), which will be used to renovate the club and renovate other historic areas in the city, including the historic market, where the Club Monaca is located, and the National Palace, where it is housed.

Monaco’s Tourism Authority has announced plans to extend the restoration project to other areas of the city.

It also wants to re-open the Monacoleys famed Grand Concourse, which has been closed for over 30 years, and plans to restore the club to its previous glory.

The Monacollos original owner died in 1998, and his son, Marcelo Monacolin, took over the club in 2011, according to the tourism authority.

The club’s current owner, Marcel Monacolon, died in 2015, but he is not currently currently working to complete the restoration.

Maurice Monacalon is a former president of the United Arab Emirates, a country that has a large number of hotels and resorts that were built in its name.

He also owns Monaco’s largest restaurant, Monacoa, which opened in 2003 and was one of the countrys first Michelin stars.