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Sam’s Club pays for a bar, restaurant and hotel to house gay club

Sam’s club, one of South America’s most popular bars and restaurants, has partnered with a small bar and restaurant company in the United States to house its gay club.

The business has raised more than $300,000 to set up a bar and a restaurant for the club in Orlando, Florida, and the company is paying for the space with a membership fee, according to the Sam’s website.

“Our vision is to provide a place for gay people, both men and women, to come together to socialize and enjoy themselves,” Sam’s said in a statement.

“This partnership with the business and the community we are building together is a testament to the spirit of inclusion and inclusion is a gift we share with our community.”‘

There are no gay bars’ Sam’s founder and owner of the Sams Club, Luis Torres, said in the statement that “there are no LGBT bars in Sam’s and we have not discriminated against anyone.

Our club will be a place that everyone can be proud of and where anyone can feel welcome.”

The Sams Bar, the company said, will host weekly meet-ups in which people can socialise with each other.

Torres added that the Sammers Club would also be open to hosting gay weddings, which are illegal in South America.

“The Sam’s Bar is a gay bar in the same way as any other gay bar,” Torres said.

“We hope to provide an opportunity for gay and straight people to socialise, have fun and meet people who share our values.”

Sam’s Club is one of the most successful gay bars in the world and is currently a popular destination for tourists, with more than 6 million visitors in 2015.

Its owners said that the restaurant and bar would also have a separate section for its guests to pay their bills in, and would offer a service including massage, catered events, wine and beer.

The Sams bar and club is located on a large property with a swimming pool, tennis court, bar, poolside bar and private dance floor.

“This is a great opportunity for our community to come and celebrate our love of life and have fun with our friends,” Torres told the Associated Press.

“I think it will be really fun for us to come back and host events again.”