How to get rich in Disney movies

The most lucrative Disney franchise in history is back with a bang, and it has three new movies coming to theaters this fall.

Disney XD, one of the world’s biggest video streaming services, is giving away $99 tickets to every movie in the three new Disney movies coming this fall, according to an email sent to Disney fans this week.

The emails say tickets go to Disney movie club members who pay $99 per month.

Ticket prices are lower than the $149 monthly fee for a member.

Disney also is giving $50 off a ticket to each of its members.

The $99 Disney membership also includes unlimited vacation time in Disney theme parks.

The first two films in the Disney XD series, “Frozen” and “Maleficent,” are set to open in theaters in December.

The third film, “Brave,” is slated for release in April 2019.

Disney said in its email that tickets go on sale Sept. 23 and that members can apply by sending a check or money order to: Disney, 6300 South Lake Tahoe Blvd., Tahoe, CA 93784.

The Disney XD subscription service costs $99 a year, and members can access a digital library of more than 7,000 films.

Disney is also offering free Disney World vacation packages for new and existing Disney XD members.

For more information on Disney XD or Disney Movies, go to the Disney Channel or Disney, Inc. website.

The Walt Disney Company also has a new Disney Movie Club website, where members can watch movies in theaters on demand and stream them on the Disney Movies app on Apple TV and Roku.

The site also offers Disney movies and movies on demand for select Disney XD and Disney Movies Unlimited members.