‘A Beautiful Mess’: Justin Timberlake Says He Didn’t Expect To Work With Kanye West at His Wedding [VIDEO]

“I wasn’t expecting to work with Kanye West,” Timberlake told Us Weekly.

“We’re not friends.

He’s an artist.

I don’t want to be a rapper or a rapper in the future.”

Timberlake and West met in the ’90s and Timberlake said that their friendship is stronger than ever.

“I was always the underdog,” he said.

“My mom was born in Harlem and she was born black.

And she’s never stopped loving me.

I love that I’ve always been the underdog.”

The rapper told Us that he’s been a fan of West’s music for years, but that his work has always stood out to him.

“There’s something about the songs, the style and the production,” he continued.

“He’s a very gifted producer.

I know him from working with him on his first record, which was called A Beautiful Mess.

Kanye West is an artist, but I think I’m a better artist than him.”