TAYLORMADE Golf Clubs to join the Ubisoft Club: Bloomberg

The Ubisoft Club will launch its first club at the Golf Club International in Dubai next week, marking a significant shift in the video game company’s business.

The club, which was announced Tuesday, will feature an “ultra premium” premium golf experience that features exclusive golf gear and services from the golf-centric Ubisoft studio, and will be hosted by Ubisoft Dubai.

The company is one of the first video game companies to announce the launch of its club, with a number of high-profile companies including Sony, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, and Activision joining forces to create the club.

The Ubisoft club is slated to launch in mid-July.

The club will be available in a number, including Dubai and Dubai Golf Links, as well as in the United Arab Emirates.

The Ubisoft Club’s launch comes just months after the video games publisher announced it would expand into the golf industry with its own club.

The launch of the club marks a significant change for Ubisoft, which has historically struggled to cater to a larger range of players.

The company has previously struggled to appeal to younger players in a business where older players dominate, with some games, like FIFA, requiring a subscription fee to play.

The video game publisher has also struggled to compete with online gaming giants like EA and Activision, who dominate the industry with their respective game libraries.

The new Ubisoft Club joins the club already available at the Dubai Golf Club, which will be used by gamers across the world.