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Club Pilates, adult entertainment club face new lawsuit

WASHINGTON — Club Pilate, an adult entertainment and yoga club that closed in 2011, has been sued by a former employee who says she was sexually assaulted by an instructor.

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia on Monday, says Jillian Anderson was assaulted at the club in 2013.

It accuses Pilates of negligence and false imprisonment, and says it has no obligation to protect Anderson.

The suit says Anderson was hired in 2013 to teach Pilates classes in the Washington area, but she had a “bad experience” with Pilates instructor Michael Hynes, who had worked at Pilates for at least three years.

The plaintiff claims she was told that the company was working on a program for the “adult entertainment industry” and that the program would be “better than the Pilates program she had taught.”

She was told by Pilates that she could be hired as a yoga instructor in the same class, but Anderson claims she wasn’t even offered the opportunity to work at the gym.

The suit says she wasn:When Anderson returned to the Pilate studio after her training session, she says Hynes had her massage and she was put in a position of power.

It says Hanes instructed her to massage the back of her thighs, breasts and stomach.

The lawsuit says that’s when Hynes began touching her sexually, touching her inappropriately, and told her to “sit on my face.”

The lawsuit says the sexual acts were so bad Anderson said she started crying.

The complaint alleges that Hynes continued to use inappropriate and aggressive language, asking Anderson to bend over, and touching her neck.

The plaintiff says she told Hynes she had to stop and asked him to stop.

She says she didn’t have the courage to leave and left the club, and was never hired again.