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How to be a first wife: The secrets of success

This week’s news item from The Times of London is about women who have achieved a success story.

For some it’s a new career or a new relationship, for others it’s their first love.

For others, it’s marriage or a divorce.

I spoke to the author of The First Wives Club, a book about how women can be first wives and their successes, to find out more.


Who is this woman?

She is a journalist who has written about women’s experiences and has appeared on TV shows such as Channel 4’s First Womens Club and ITV’s Second Womans Club.

She also has a successful film career, and has a new book out called The First Wife.

She has a son and two daughters.


How has she done it?

In the past she has been working in television, newspaper, magazine, theatre, radio and television.

She’s also written for newspapers and magazines.

She started out as a journalist, but in 2009 was told she had a writing problem, so she began her own writing career.

She got her first break in 2014 as a presenter for ITV’s First Ladies Club, where she met her husband.

She now hosts the show on Channel 4, but says her new book will provide a new perspective on what it means to be the first wife.


What is her story?

She has two children from a previous relationship, and her children have grown up with her.

She says she is a good mum and she loves her job.

She is also married to a successful man.

She was recently promoted to host the show, and says it is a privilege to work for Channel 4.


What advice would you give her?

When you are first married you need to make sure that you have your own space.

That means you can say ‘I’ll do it’, and you don’t have to worry about what others think, she says.

You need to think of your own success, and not rely on your husband’s.


What are some of the challenges of the job?

The biggest challenge is dealing with your family.

You have to keep the family happy and at the same time you have to make money.

You also have to get the money out of your savings account, and you can’t just rely on the bank.

That’s when you really need to be creative and not just think of money, she adds.


Who are the other first wives?

The book is a memoir, and it details her personal story of success and failure.

She tells the story of her marriage to her husband, Peter, a former partner of her ex-partner.

She told her story to BBC Radio 4’s Women’s Hour.


How does she feel about the idea of having a second wife?

I’ve always wanted to write a book, but I’m always very self-conscious of who I’m writing about, she said.

I’ve never had the same amount of freedom to write as I do now.


How do you know she’s successful?

It’s a great feeling to have a second marriage.

I am not saying that I’m happy with my husband, she added.

But I feel a lot more confident now than I did then.


Is she making money?

It is difficult to tell, because she hasn’t set foot in the bank yet.

She hopes that by publishing her book, she can make money for her family, she told the BBC.


What do you think of the concept of a second husband?

She says it’s not that she’s not happy with her husband and doesn’t need a second.

She does have a lot of regrets.

I just don’t want to be an outcast, she explained.


Who can she work with?

She can work with other people who have similar experiences, such as a family doctor, an artist, a psychologist, an actor or a politician.


What’s her advice to first wives who want to try the job again?

You have an opportunity to start again, and there is no better place to start.

She suggests that you get yourself into a room with a friend, a colleague or someone you trust and say, ‘I’ve never thought of doing that before, and I’m doing it for myself.’


What does she think of people who want the job for their second wives?

They can come to a stage where they realise they’re doing it to themselves, but they need to realise it’s an opportunity, she explains.

They can also realise they have an interest in other people, but that interest isn’t necessarily something they should be trying to pursue, she suggests.


What was her most important lesson?

She found the first wives club very useful.

I realised there is a lot you can learn from people in the first womens club, she concludes.


Who did she work for?

Channel 4 said she was one of its first staff. She