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‘The Blacklist’ Star On His ‘Diary Of A Dead Man’ And Why It Was Worth The Wait

The actor discusses why his latest movie, The Blacklist, was worth the wait, his take on the death of his best friend and what the next chapter of his life will look like.

In an exclusive interview with MTV News, Blacklist star Robert Knepper discusses his new movie, which is set in the fictional town of Paradise and centers around two friends.

Kneppers first joined the cast of Blacklist in 2014, where he played Nicky, a drug addict who has a very special relationship with a teenage boy named Adam.

The actor has been playing Nicky since season two of the series and also stars in the upcoming The Black List.

When asked about what the future holds for Nicky and Adam, Knepping explained, “They’re a couple and I’m playing a couple.

And it’s like, they’re a bunch of really, really smart people.

So it’s an interesting relationship.”

While Kneppers love for the Blacklist and Paradise, he also revealed that the relationship has its limits.

“We know that there’s going to be a certain level of trust and respect and love that’s required for it to be successful.

And there’s a certain amount of that that they both share, which means that there’ll be a level of frustration,” Kneppe said.

“And so they both need to find that in order to make it work.

And then when that’s over, it’ll be like, OK, we’re back to the good old days.”

The Black List was written and directed by David Slade (who also helmed the pilot for the show).

Kneppo was the second actor on the series to receive a directing credit, following Josh Holloway, who plays Nicky’s best friend, Daniel.

Knepps best friend was played by Josh Hollowary, who also stars as Daniel.

He also stars with his fellow Blacklist castmates as Joe “Sick Boy” Degenhardt.

Kneepper also spoke about the recent death of the actor, who passed away on April 5, 2016.

“It’s really hard to talk about,” Kneepper said.

He added that his relationship with his friend is “the best I’ve ever had.

It’s been amazing, but it’s a very sad thing to have to say about him.

I know the people of Paradise know how much I love them.

And I know that they’re looking at me right now and they’re thinking, I wish he was here to see this movie.”

Kneeppers friend was not in the film, but he was able to speak about his life with his partner.

He shared his thoughts about the death: “I was devastated to lose my best friend,” Knesed.

“But I’m a good person, I’m very happy.

I had a great life.

I got a great job.

I made a lot of money.

I was always going to make money.

And so I didn’t really care about anything else.

It just happened that it happened to me.

But I’m going to keep working on this movie and I will continue to keep making it.”

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