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GOP’s new GOP strategy: “Make the tea party a party”

Tea party groups and members of Congress are being encouraged to embrace a new GOP messaging strategy that focuses on the need to get more people in their districts to vote.

The strategy, called Make the Tea Party a Tea Party, is being developed by Reps.

David Cicilline David CicilineNew Yorker who won election to Senate, now working for a GOP presidential candidate.

Rep. Steve Scalise(R-LA) on whether the party will nominate a replacement for former President Donald Trump(R) at the Republican National Convention in July.

“It’s about getting more people involved and reaching out,” Rep. Reprint, the group behind the strategy, said in a statement.

The new messaging approach comes after months of criticism from Republicans who have blamed Democrats for the party’s unpopularity.

Reporters, pundits and pundits have pointed to the GOP’s record of voting against bills, even when the legislation passed.

And they have pointed out that the GOP is struggling to find new recruits and candidates for its congressional races.

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