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Allstate Motor Club members call for Trump’s impeachment

A group of members of the Allstate motor company have called on the Trump administration to investigate the role that President Donald Trump and his aides have played in the company’s collapse.

The group of about 200 former and current employees has released a petition on Change.org calling for an independent investigation into the company that lost $8 billion and was forced to lay off over 2,500 employees, most of them employees of the state-owned coal-mining company.

“The President is directly responsible for the collapse of Allstate,” the petition states.

“He was the one who created the company, who is the one responsible for its collapse, who was the person who caused the company to be taken over by a private equity firm, who set up the board of directors, and he is the person responsible for keeping Allstate profitable and operating.”

Allstate is the largest coal company in the United States.

The company was formed in 1951 and has a history of running into problems that began under former President Richard Nixon.

During his tenure, the company was accused of fraud and falsifying records, as well as for hiring illegal workers, including undocumented immigrants, and employing illegal workers at a rate that was higher than legal.

Allstate was bought out by the Chinese-owned Sinopec Corporation in 2013, and the new owners announced plans to turn the company into a publicly traded company.

The Allstate collapse has sparked outrage across the country, with the White House calling the scandal a “disaster” and criticizing the Obama administration for not investigating the company sooner.

Trump has long been criticized for not doing enough to rescue the coal industry from the crisis, but in an interview with The New York Times last year, he said he “got to know” his coal industry well.

“We know the coal business and it was good for me, so I got to know it well,” Trump said.

“And I said, ‘Let me try it.

Let me try to help them.'”