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Why does aisha look like her dad?

WINX Club aisha is a character from the Japanese anime and manga series Winx Club Aisha.

The anime, which was created by Osamu Tezuka and premiered in 1995, follows a young girl named Aisha who joins the club.

Aisha has a unique face, with eyes that glow red.

“It’s a little girl,” the cast members of WINX said.

After becoming a member of the club, Aisha is the youngest member to be promoted to member, and she is the first member to leave the club after being kicked out.

Her family also gives her a different haircut.

WINX Club Aisa, a girl who is known as a Winx member, attends an anime convention in Japan.

Source: News24 via Naver 1.

The cast members say Winx is a ‘soul’ that is part of their personality, not just a name.


Winx members’ hair is a special cut and not something that’s just for girls.


WINX has a new mascot named Winx that resembles Aisha’s.


WINx is known for its quirky characters and quirky art.


WINYU was the first anime to use the word ‘WIN’ for ‘won’, which means ‘wonky’.


WINXY is the new mascot for WINX, a mascot for the Winx club.


The Winx group is a fun group of people who have fun.


WINZ is the name of the Winz club in Winx.


WINYLU is the Japanese word for ‘win’.


WINXLU is a new character in WinX.


WINXX is the Winxx club in WINX.