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Why I love playing tennis

Tennis players love the game.

The passion is intense.

The adrenaline rush.

The players want to be there.

They want to win.

But what they often don’t see is that their passion and dedication is paying off.

That is why I love tennis.

The way the game is played, the way it is played is unique.

And so I’ve spent my whole life in the sport.

And I’ve watched as the game has evolved.

Tennis has evolved over the years.

Its got some great players.

Its a great game.

Its evolved to a great degree.

But there is one thing that hasn’t changed in the game: The people who play it.

Tennis players are people.

They care about their team, they care about the sport, they want to play at the highest level.

But the game itself has evolved from the very beginning.

The game is a game of chance.

The chance of winning or losing is there.

The only way to get there is to be on the right side of the ball.

If you play a certain way, you have to take risks.

You can’t just sit back and play the game and get by.

The idea that there are always going to be a certain amount of players who get lucky is a myth.

That’s why I’m passionate about the game, the game of tennis.

Now, there are certain rules that tennis players can and cannot break.

There are certain things that they can’t do.

But they’re the rules.

The rules are there, the rules are the game we all love.

I’m a big fan of the game that’s the greatest in the world.

It’s not a knock-off of a certain game.

It is a very, very special game.

But I’m not one of those people who is going to make the rules, or the rules dictate who can and can’t play.

Tennis is not about the rules or the regulations.

It has to be about what you’re capable of doing.

So when I play the way I play, and the way you play, it gives me a great pleasure.

And it gives the fans, the players, and everyone in the community a great satisfaction as well.

I think that’s why the game was invented.

The more people who are passionate about playing the game the more it will be around.

So I’ve been a part of the sport for 30 years.

But, now, I’m going to take the time to really learn how to play the sport the way the fans love it.

I want to understand what they’re thinking.

And that’s what I’ll be working on over the next year.

Now that I have the experience, I want you to know that I’m proud to be part of this team.

Thank you very much.