How we did it: the Free Boat Club’s first ever ride on a boat

The Free Boat club of Vancouver, B.C., was born out of the need to raise money for the Club 33, an orphanage and refugee camp for children in B.A. that had been destroyed by a volcano.

The group took on the challenge of riding a boat around the B.O. to raise funds for the camp, while also providing support for local youth who had been injured during the eruption.

After more than four years, the club finally completed its journey on May 16, 2018.

The trip was a testament to the resilience of the group and its desire to help the children.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Free Boat Club.

What can you do?

For those who were lucky enough to be on the trip, you can donate to the Free boat club here.

The Free Bocadero Foundation will also be hosting a ride for the group, which is planned for Friday, May 30.

To help support the cause, the website has a list of ways to support the club, including by donating to its fundraising efforts.

For more details on the Free and Free Boat, head over to the official Free Boat Facebook page.