Sam’s Club has raised $2.3m in a crowdfunding campaign

Sam’s Clubs is raising money through a crowdfunding page to develop its mobile app.

It has raised the first of the $2 million to create the club’s mobile app, which will allow fans to add friends to their clubs and join them on social media.

The Sam’s club app is due to launch in the coming weeks.

The Sam’s app is available in Australia and New Zealand.

Sam’s Clubs will become the first club in Australia to offer its members the ability to add a Facebook group, Twitter account, Instagram account and more.

It will also be able to invite members to events and offer members a rewards scheme.

“We want to give our fans and members a better experience through our mobile app,” Sam’s CEO and chief executive officer of social media David Liew said.

“The Sams Club app will be the perfect companion to our clubs social media, including our social media channels, social media streams, events and membership services.”

Sam’s Club is a club of more than 60,000 members that is committed to giving our members the best experience and a more connected, family-friendly environment.

“Over the past year we have seen a huge increase in membership growth, including a jump of more, if not all, of our membership since the launch of our mobile apps.”

The Sam’ Club app is currently available for iPhone and Android.