New Brunswick’s hair club is a place where everyone can come to relax

A new hair club in New Brunswick has opened a month after opening its doors.

The Plum Club has been serving customers from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., every Friday, and from 3 p., 5 p. and 6 p.

The salon was started by an anonymous donor, who wanted to open a place for people to relax.

The owner of the Plum Club, Traci Mott, said the idea came to her after she saw people relaxing in the park in the early morning hours at the Plum.

The space was very small, but she thought people could come in and enjoy themselves without having to leave the building.

“I think that’s a really good idea,” Mott said.

“People feel like they have the right to come here and relax, and then they want to stay here and do that.”

The Plum is located in the town of Maple Ridge, and the owners hope to grow the business by inviting visitors from around the world.

Mott told The Next World the Plum is a very private place, and it was hard to find people to come to.

“We try to make it a little more social than it is,” she said.

Mampt said the salon is a space for people who want to relax but aren’t comfortable with the noise level.

Motto: “Come relax, not be loud.”

A similar salon was opened in nearby Fredericton earlier this year, but Mamptht said people are not always comfortable in the noise.

“They’re not comfortable in loud music,” she explained.

“You can’t hear them, you can’t talk to them, and there’s nothing to do, and that’s what I think is so sad.”

In the future, the Plum may open a different location in the community, and Mamptt hopes to have the space open for everyone to come and relax in as little time as possible.

“If people want to come in at a certain time of the day, and relax here, then that’s great, but if they’re not that comfortable, then I would say we should change our name and go to a different salon,” Mampts said.

A sign outside the Plum reads: “We will always have fun and love to help everyone.”